Wednesday, June 09, 2010

China Tour 2009

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Shifting smoothly

Two days practiced on road alone to the office, I am getting better to get used to driving the RSX. The G-point is little bit higher than the half-way releasing the clutch. So, the good news is I won't stall my car easily like the first hour took on hand with the stick shift.

I didn't drive very often after getting the driving license that I couldn't even drive the auto well. The way I learned the stick-shift was learned from MonkeySee, which presented my Jumi Kim. The video is very clear and simple, rather than other instruction videos from Youtube.

With my friends help, I went to the huge parking lot in the mall at about 10 after dark for two days. So, the parking lot is pretty much empty and only a cop parked in there. Embarrassing, eh? If I hit the lamp, I will get caught right away. Well, eventually the cop even didn't bother to watch me but driving away when she saw me practicing there. Ha...probably she is scared of me as well. Or I will hit her car if she stays there. Such a killing weapon for a beginner driving a stick shift. lol

After practicing in the parking lot for two nights, I started driving in the community with lots of up-hill and down-hills. What a damn driving!!! I thought that I was fine but dealing with uphills, it's wholly different, which took more attention on releasing the clutch. This part is different from the video, because it's improper to release the brake and press on the gas that fast in the community or when there is a car in front of you. The way I did was try to feel the rumbles while releasing the clutch slowly and put my feet on the brake as well. Once I felt the rumbles of the engine, I switched to the gas and released the clutch slowly. It's slow, but safe. Once you get to know the rumble sounds, you will know the where the G-point is. Once you know the g-point of the car, you will start faster, and even faster than the auto transmissions. The community driving just last for a morning in 2 hours. So, I am pretty much done to driving alone. Not perfect, but stalled the car less and barely ok. We cheered it by driving out for dinner that day.

Before OFFICIALLY driving alone to the office as routine, I practiced 3 trips with my friend. I was so intense that made lots of mistakes. When my friend pointed out those mistakes I was making, I lost confidence entirely at that moment. So, what made me pulling myself together? I kept telling myself, "Penny, you aren't a loser, not the woman who relies on others, you can stand up by myself. You have to confront all the difficulties of being strong." And it works. :-)

Since the RSX is kind of sports type, the steering wheel is relatively smaller than a regular sedan. I am still having trouble to steer with one hand on turning the corner and picking up the speed smoothly.

The 2nd day I drove to work is damn smooth like driving an auto. Picking up the speeds, no choking, no stalling, etc. Of course nobody yelled at me anymore. :X

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RSX 2002 Stick Shift

Just got the RSX last week from the Honda pre-owned dealer. It's a stick shifting manual whose pre-owner is an Asian guy 50ish, accidents free. He is driving not that much but damn good maintenance with all the service records, so the milage is kind of low. Not bad for a beginner of manual driving. Clutch is lighter than Mesedez and BMW, not sure the Audis, heavier than Chevolet.

Honestly, if you are driving around downtown area, DON'T chose stick shifting vihecles. It will drive you nuts. I am totally new for driving manual and try to learn it by myself in couple weeks.
will see. :-)

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